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There is no offseason at AltFantasySports

The inaugural AAF fantasy season will soon be ending at AlfFantasySports. It’s been a hell of ride. My goal when launching this site was to get 10 leagues on the platform to try things out. I honestly thought I’d have to work pretty hard for that. We ended up having almost 8,000! I want to thank everyone that patiently put up with the growing pains of my new platform and to all the people that reported bugs, gave suggestions, and just used and enjoyed the site in general. I’d like to give a special shoutout to the Discord admins and @anders157 (he provided the projections each week) and @joks who helped out on the design side of things (not all of which I’ve actually implemented yet. All of the things that look good were designed by him and all of the stuff that still looks bad was by me).

In order to make year two even better, I’ve decided to support other sports this summer to be able to continually refine AltFantasySports. Starting now you can form leagues for Arena Football and an experimental type of game with the Legends Football League. Coming soon I’ll also be supporting the Canadian Football League. If that’s not enough fantasy sports for you, I’ll soon be adding the BIG3 summer basketball league.

I’ve got some new types of fantasy games that you may find fun, like Bizarro scoring, where you get positive points for players that play in a game, but negative points any time they are actually productive. In order to win, you need to start the bad players that somehow end up playing every week. You will also now see the option for leagues to have Team Quarterbacks, Kickers, and every other position.

I’m also happy to announce two partnerships that will take this thing to the next level:

I’ll be integrating with TeamStake to give the option to have cash leagues.

I’m also now working with the great team behind FantasyMeister in Denmark. We have big plans to support league associations (even promotion/relegation associations) and we’ll be creating some really amazing stuff for my European friends that love Gridiron Football as much as us Yanks.

Thanks again to everyone that supported me through this inaugural AAF season. I am committed to making this site even better over the rest of the year. If you’re not interested in the summer leagues, I’ll see you next spring! (or this fall if you want to play NFL on my platform)

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