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Draft Strategies

One thing about fantasy football is that for as many fantasy football players there are, there are just as many draft strategies. Draft for a fantasy league of the Alliance of American Football are uncharted territory, though. Don’t listen to anyone that says they know for sure how to draft in Fantasy AAF. There are a few things that will be remarkably different than NFL fantasy drafts.

Quarterbacks: In a typical NFL draft, you won’t see quarterbacks drafted until the 3rd round or later. Next year might be a little bit unusual, you might see some ambitious manager grab Mahomes in the 2nd, but generally QBs are drafted later in the draft. This is because in a standard NFL fantasy league, there are 2-3 times as many halfway decent (or better) QBs than there are teams in the fantasy league. Good QBs are far from scarce and therefore just not drafted that high. However, in AAF fantasy football, QBs should be valued a little higher. There are only 8 teams in the AAF, so there are waaaay fewer good QBs to go around.

Defenses: In an NFL fantasy draft, you would almost NEVER see a defense drafted until after halfway through the draft. This is for the same reason as QBs: there’s a lot of them to go around and defenses don’t generally make as many points as QBs so they go much later in the draft. This is sure to be a bit different in AAF fantasy drafts. There are only 8 defenses, so if you don’t get one of the good ones, you may be stuck all year with a gaping hole in your lineup.

Player rotations: So far in the American of Alliance Football season, we’ve seen players rotated in and out quite a bit. In the NFL, if you have someone’s backup, he may not ever get field time. Not so in this league. Getting a second string RB or WR may not be that bad of a deal.

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